Westview Behavioral
Health Services



August 1, 2020

From the outset of the COVID-19/Coronavirus epidemic in South Carolina, we have been weighing the risks presented by our current environment against our calling to provide services to you.  While we recognize risk still remains, we have opened our agency with the expectation that everyone will comply with our safeguards.

The front door will be locked with radio communication provided between the door and the front desk, i.e. walkie-talkies. Clients will be screened before entry using script and fever check. Deny participation as appropriate.

All clients and staff will wear masks.

Social distancing measures will be implemented.

Clinically, we return to face-to-face assessments and face-to-face individual services as determined by effectiveness for client, and the clinician's case management functions. We will conduct in-person assessments with new clients referred to individual services within the bounds of personal safety and wellness. These assessments will be conducted in spaces that allow social distancing, i.e. group room, staffing room, board room, outside the building under a canopy tent with walls in place to help ensure privacy and confidentiality. Groups will reconvene, as appropriate, using social distancing. Clients will continue to receive individual services as a mixture of face-to-face and telehealth, i.e. telephone, VidYo, Zoom, Doxy, etc.

Only clients will be allowed to enter the building. Unless they are needed clinically, family members must wait in their vehicle.

We are asking that you please contact our agency at 803-276-5690 (Newberry) or 864-445-2968 (Saluda) so that we can verify your contact information and explore ways we can tailor services to you. 

Continuing services in some way is very important, especially in this time of uncertainty.  We at Westview are here for you, and will continue to be.  Stay in touch!

Additionally, I am including some links to virtual recovery services to be used in addition to the services you will continue to receive from us.  Please make use of them also.

With hopes for a healthy tomorrow,   

Jill M. Longshore, LISW, LAC, CACII

Director of Treatment

WEconnect Recovery


Unity Recovery


AA Intergroup


In The Rooms online recovery community


SMART Recovery online meeting


Spanish-speaking online resource


Online recovery chat rooms


Online 12-Step Meetings


Lion Rock Online AA and Support Groups


Al-Anon Electronic Meetings


Addictions Policy Council & CHESS Health


Web Hosting Companies